Should You Travel This 2021

Should You Travel This 2021

Is it the right time to make travel plans?

The year 2020 has been a tough year for people around the globe. The COVID-19 has required countries to cancel flights and implement lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Since the pandemic circulates globally, many people forced to stay at home and cancel plans.

Many hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of people getting infected by the virus. Due to the high infection rate that results in new more contagious strains of the virus – strengthened lockdowns, stricter health protocols, and another flight cancellation are expected to carry out.

So, should you travel this 2021?

You can travel, but is it safe to travel? There are two types of people infected by the virus: people who show symptoms and people without signs. Around half of the COVID, cases are spread by people without symptoms.

Experts say that people who tested negative with only one COVID test gives no guarantee that they are COVID-free. Those who choose to travel are expected to accomplish travel protocols to not further contribute to the disease’s spread.

There are a lot of questions and new guidelines to consider – Who can travel? Which places are considered safe to travel? What are the requirements for having a safe and healthy journey?

Many countries are facing travel restrictions due to new strains of COVID-19. Experts recommend the people to travel only when it is necessary whether outside the city or internationally.

One thing to consider is – should we risk our health for that dream travel destination?

The COVID-19 holds no promise when will this end. There are uncertain answers as to how to fight and prevent the infection. Health professionals and experts are on the line 24/7.

The prolonged quarantine and lockdowns increase the desire of human to connect and socialize. They are missing family bonds, social gatherings, and fun. It is not wrong to travel, but one must ensure safety.

A lot of people are getting comfortable to travel this year. There are people making plans to go out despite everything that has happened in 2020. The vaccines from different institutions like Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Chinese, Russian, and Indian vaccines give people hope this 2021.

It is essential to understand what the virus does to our body and how it can infect other people. The correct information is necessary to avoid misleading information that can result in false assumptions. Do not neglect the expert’s advice.

Yes, some flights are opened again, and people are going out to travel. Majority of COVID-19 patients tend to recover, and people with symptoms are often mild. Regardless of the vaccines proving to be 90% effective and the high percentage of recovery, do take COVID-19 seriously. You never know how it feels until you experience it.

Be careful. If you choose to travel, you have to meet health requirements for different destinations, even domestic trips. Always follow the rules and wear your face mask. Do not put to waste the effort of our health professionals and other front liners to protect us.


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