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The world is an amazing place to live. We may not fully comprehend it because we are limited to what our naked eyes can see. Not only that, but we are also stifled by the location where we are. But great is our technology today. Unlike our predecessors who thought that the world is flat, we have a better understanding of our world today. We have various information in this site. We talk about travels, business, places, and more. Join us here on Worldy to have a better grasp of the whole wide world through the world wide web.

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7 Reasons Why Buying a Dash Cam is a Must 

7 Reasons Why Buying a Dash Cam is a Must Centuries have passed since cars were invented and with the huge help of technology, different car features have appeared. Some serve as mere accessories while most are made to make driving easier and navigating safer. One technology that has made a big difference in terms of safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians altogether is the... Read More »

Be Kind to Mother Earth, Planting More in Your Empty Spaces

Be Kind to Mother Earth, Planting More in Your Empty SpacesBack in the days, empty spaces are too abundant to the point that people just take them for granted. But, fast forward today and these empty spaces have become too scarce. The sad news is that the scarcity of these empty spaces is negatively affecting Mother Earth because there are lesser number of areas for... Read More »

The History of White House Curtains

The History of White House CurtainsOut of all rooms in this world, the White House Oval Office is that one room you can recognize right away. This is an iconic room for Americans as this has served as the workplace of the 18 presidents that ruled the country. The Oval Office has witnessed the making of crucial decisions that changed... Read More »

The Amazing Sydney – Best Things Unique in Sydney Travel

The Amazing Sydney – Best Things Unique in Sydney TravelSydney is known for being a wonderland of historical sites, delicious restaurants, fabulous shows, and beautiful beaches. All of these can give you a memorable travel experience. The city is also very multicultural. The different suburbs have various atmospheres, so you will always find something for everybody in this tourist paradise. Below are some of... Read More »

11 Best Beaches in the World: Breathtaking Photos and Details 

11 Best Beaches in the World: Breathtaking Photos and Details Something about the ocean makes us feel relaxed and connected to the world. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves or the smell of salt in the air, but there’s no doubt that beach vacations are some of the most popular trips people take. In this blog post, we will look at 11 of the... Read More »

How to Travel Smart: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Trip

How to Travel Smart: Tips and Tricks for a Successful TripTraveling can be fun, but it can also be stressful if you’re not prepared. There are many things to think about when planning a trip, from booking airfare and hotels to packing your bags. This blog post will give you some tips and tricks for traveling smart and having a successful trip. 1. Planning is... Read More »

13 Countries Where You Can Shop Lavishly

13 Countries Where You Can Shop LavishlyIf you are looking to shop lavishly, then there are plenty of countries that offer the opportunity. From Paris to Dubai and everywhere in between, here is a list of 13 countries where you can spend your money freely while enjoying yourself! Paris With so many luxury brands at reasonable prices and incredible public transit... Read More »

12 Affordable Places in France for Low Budget Travelers

12 Affordable Places in France for Low Budget Travelers        It’s no secret that France is one of the most popular countries for travelers. But what if you’re on a low budget? Do expensive French destinations like Paris and Cannes sound impossible to visit? Not at all! We’ll discuss 12 different destinations across the country where your travel dollar will go... Read More »

Healthiest Cities to Live in 2021

Healthiest Cities to Live in 2021A recent study has exclaimed that to determine the healthiest cities in the world, and they have to analyze some fundamental factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle- this includes life expectancy, cost to be healthy, obesity levels, safely score, pollution levels and sunlight hours. As the saying goes, “it is the cultural differences that... Read More »

Info about Togo

Togo, twice the size of Maryland, is on the south coast of West Africa bordering on Ghana to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Benin to the east. The Gulf of Guinea coastline, only 32 mi long (51 km), is low and sandy. The only port is at Lomé. The Togo hills traverse... Read More »

Info about Niger

Niger, in West Africa’s Sahara region, is four-fifths the size of Alaska. It is surrounded by Mali, Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, and Burkina Faso. The Niger River in the southwest flows through the country’s only fertile area. Elsewhere the land is semiarid. Capital Niamey – 890 000 people all city from Niger Country lead... Read More »

Info about American Samoa

Samoa, formerly Western Samoa, is in the South Pacific Ocean about 2,200 mi (3,540 km) south of Hawaii. The larger islands in the Samoan chain, Upolu and Savai’i, are mountainous and of volcanic origin. There is little level land except in the coastal areas, where most cultivation takes place. Country lead by Governor: Togiola Tulafono (2007)... Read More »

Should You Travel This 2021

Should You Travel This 2021Is it the right time to make travel plans? The year 2020 has been a tough year for people around the globe. The COVID-19 has required countries to cancel flights and implement lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Since the pandemic circulates globally, many people forced to stay at home and cancel plans.... Read More »