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The world is an amazing place to live. We may not fully comprehend it because we are limited to what our naked eyes can see. Not only that, but we are also stifled by the location where we are. But great is our technology today. Unlike our predecessors who thought that the world is flat, we have a better understanding of our world today. We have various information in this site. We talk about travels, business, places, and more. Join us here on Worldy to have a better grasp of the whole wide world through the world wide web.


This is not a small project. There are great things ahead, and there are lots of things that are needed to be done. Friends and partners convinced me to pursue this project and I want to thank them for being part of my life.

My SEO company from Philippines, Keyforge, who is always willing to teach me what I need to know. I will visit you on Manila someday.

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Be Kind to Mother Earth, Planting More in Your Empty Spaces

Be Kind to Mother Earth, Planting More in Your Empty SpacesBack in the days, empty spaces are too abundant to the point that people just take them for granted. But, fast forward today and these empty spaces have become too scarce. The sad news is that the scarcity of these empty spaces is negatively affecting Mother Earth because there are lesser number of areas for... Read More »

The History of White House Curtains

The History of White House CurtainsOut of all rooms in this world, the White House Oval Office is that one room you can recognize right away. This is an iconic room for Americans as this has served as the workplace of the 18 presidents that ruled the country. The Oval Office has witnessed the making of crucial decisions that changed... Read More »

The Amazing Sydney – Best Things Unique in Sydney Travel

The Amazing Sydney – Best Things Unique in Sydney TravelSydney is known for being a wonderland of historical sites, delicious restaurants, fabulous shows, and beautiful beaches. All of these can give you a memorable travel experience. The city is also very multicultural. The different suburbs have various atmospheres, so you will always find something for everybody in this tourist paradise. Below are some of... Read More »

Ways to Secure the Safety of Senior Travelers

Ways to Secure the Safety of Senior TravelersWe all love travelling, as much as we can we want to travel the world and see the grand creation from place to place. But not just because we are getting old, we will stop exploring. It is when you are more senior than travelling means more bringing you more lifetime memories and appreciate another... Read More »

15 World Heritages to Visit after Pandemic

15 World Heritages to Visit after PandemicTraveling is undoubtedly part of the roster of things people miss during this pandemic. Over 200 countries have imposed travel restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, considering that traveling increases the chances of getting and spreading COVID-19. However, all this time spent indoors can plan your next travel destination when the restrictions are... Read More »

Top Exotic Destinations 2020

Top Exotic Destinations 2020We live in a beautiful and magical planet that offers many stunning landscapes, incredible beaches, tropical paradises, and mist-shrouded volcanoes. And for many of us, travelling extensively is one of the many things that always popped-up in our minds, to discover the world’s beauty and breathe in the magnificent creation. It is usual for a... Read More »

The Effects of the Pandemic on Travelling

The Effects of the Pandemic on TravellingThe effects of coronavirus on travelling and its rapid spread all over the world are nothing short of a complete chaos. More and more travelers now choose to just stay at the comforts of their own home because of the fear of being exposed to this new coronavirus that has already spread across 79 countries... Read More »

The Basics of Traveling

The Basics of TravelingThe basics of travelling all starts the moment you finally decide on where and when your trip will be. While these two are important factors for your travel, there is so much more than choosing your destination and date of travel. Before you embark on your much –deserved vacation or getaway, there are several fundamental... Read More »

Best Christmas Vacations for Families

Christmas is the time to reflex on life and relax at the same time. It’s more fun when you celebrate it as a whole family. It’s also a good bonding opportunity as you have fun, eat, and open some gifts together. Whether you choose one of the family Christmas trips or you stay in your... Read More »

How can you make the best of the function venues in Australia?

There are several venues for holding functions in Australia. These venues range from posh hotels, private events conference halls, and commercial cottages. The choice is absolutely yours. How can you, therefore, make the best use of function venues in Australia? Here are some of the ways to fully utilize your rented facilities. Request for decoration... Read More »