12 Affordable Places in France for Low Budget Travelers

12 Affordable Places in France for Low Budget Travelers





It’s no secret that France is one of the most popular countries for travelers. But what if you’re on a low budget? Do expensive French destinations like Paris and Cannes sound impossible to visit? Not at all! We’ll discuss 12 different destinations across the country where your travel dollar will go much farther than expected.

The Versailles Palace

The Versailles Palace is a must-visit for any traveler to France. It’s not only one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Paris; it also offers many affordable and free activities such as walking tours or sitting on the grounds watching people rollerblade. Be sure to take pictures with some French locals!

Mont Saint Michel

This city has been voted one of the best places to visit around the world by TripAdvisor travelers year after year since 2013, thanks in large part to its natural beauty and low-cost options. You can explore Mont Saint Michel via bike rental, which costs just under $30 for an entire day of biking through this breathtaking town on top of a hill that was once an abbey turned monastery turned prison.

Try St. Tropez for a Visit

The southernmost part of France is also one more affordable place to visit, with the US’s cost of living near par. You can see why this town has been called “the most French” by visiting the 11th century St. Tropez cathedral and wandering through its quaint streets, tasting regional wines in small country bars, or strolling along the beach watching as people parasail overhead.

Head over to Avignon for some culture

Avignon was once considered royalty when it was home to kings who lived right next door at their palace back in 13077 AD, located just outside of town (which you can explore). The city now holds many cultural events throughout the year, including an annual festival celebrating Shakespearean theater.

Explore Alsace Northeast Region of France

Alsace is a region of France that’s sandwiched between Germany and Switzerland. It offers up affordable wine tours, cheese-making demonstrations, castles to explore on foot (or by bike), and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking.

The Riviera Coastline

This coastline stretches from Antibes to Nice along the Mediterranean Sea. The most popular activity for visitors is taking scenic hikes overlooking towns below them as they walk around their gorgeous cliffside villages with cobblestone streets because it’s so close to home yet feels worlds away.

The Parc de la Villette

This is a great spot for families, nature lovers, and anyone who wants to experience Paris’s modern side.

The city’s most recent addition is the Cité des Sciences de la Villette, with five massive exhibition halls filled with interactive exhibits about biology, physics, chemistry or new technologies.

Avenue Montaigne

One of the world’s most famous shopping streets also one of Europe’s first pedestrian-only malls where you can shop in peace without dodging cars or buses. You’ll find all the luxury brands like Chanel, Dior and Hermès along this fashionable strip that was once home to Coco Channel, who loved it so much he named his daughter after it! You just need to explore no to buying anything!

The Famous Roman Ruins Site

The remains of the amphitheater that once served as a place for gladiatorial games during Roman times are still intact, and it’s visible from nearly anywhere. The site is now one of France’s most popular tourist attractions, with panoramic views across Paris.

Kilometre Zero Point

This is where all roads in France start! You can take a selfie at this famous monument to celebrate your arrival or just marvel at its grandeur – either way; you’ll be excited by what lies ahead on the road ahead!

Carcassonne Medieval Town

Carcassonne is France’s best-preserved medieval town and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. There are also many wineries nearby to take in the sights of the area!

The French Alps for Skiing

France is home to some of the most beautiful ski resorts, and there’s no better way to experience them than by skiing down their slopes! There are many small villages located nearby that will offer you a unique taste of France during your stay.

Paris, France has always been one of Europe’s largest metropolitan cities with a rich culture steeped in history. Explore its outskirts for an authentic take on France, or head straight into the heart – either way, this place never disappoints!

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