13 Countries Where You Can Shop Lavishly

13 Countries Where You Can Shop Lavishly

If you are looking to shop lavishly, then there are plenty of countries that offer the opportunity. From Paris to Dubai and everywhere in between, here is a list of 13 countries where you can spend your money freely while enjoying yourself!


With so many luxury brands at reasonable prices and incredible public transit systems, it’s no wonder this city has been known as one of the most luxurious shopping destinations for years. It also offers world-class food carts on every corner if all other options don’t tickle your fancy.

In addition, visitors can enjoy free entry into museums like Le Louvre or Centre Georges Pompidou (which houses modern art) with their ticket stubs from certain attractions à la Versailles.


This city is a shopper’s paradise on Earth, and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for streetwear or high fashion couture à la Valentino. Dubai offers the most luxurious shopping experience in the world with its indoor ski slopes at Ski Dubai to luxury malls like Mall of Emirates that can hold over 300 stores each!

Visitors should also look into visiting Burj Khalifa (at 2717 feet tall, formerly the tallest structure in world) before braving The Big Bus Tour which takes visitors around some of the city’s best attractions by bus while giving them commentary along the way.


You don’t have to spend all your time seeing temples when you visit this Thai city- there’s plenty of shopping to be done with its many indoor malls, one of which has the world’s largest wax figure museum! Clothes can also be bought for a song at Thailand’s department stores like Central.


This country is consistently named as one of Asia’s best places in which to shop and it offers visitors plenty from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton (which opened their first store outside Europe or North America) to more affordable shops on Orchard Street. The only problem? There are too many options so you might need multiple trips here just to see them all à la IKEA Singapore whose iconic blue building will make your Instagram feed look good.

This year they’re celebrating 40 years since the opening of their first store which should be enough time to make your way through the many shops in this country.


This Danish city is famous for its architecture and design- but you can also enjoy shopping with Vikings! The name alone gives shoppers a little taste of what they’ll find here, as Viking offers some incredible Scandinavian fashion brands like Acne Studios or Norse Projects. You might even learn something new about Denmark while you’re at it à la Copenhagen’s Zoological Museum that houses over 250 species from around the world including live animals on display!

Hong Kong

This city is known for its luxury shopping, but it’s also a great place to find more affordable options à la the many street markets that line Hong Kong Island and sell everything from clothes to food. You’ll even be able to buy electronics here too if you’re looking for some good deals.


Though this South Korean metropolis isn’t as well-known for their fashion industry (with Seoul Fashion Week only debuting in 2008), there are still plenty of opportunities for those who want upscale styles with international designs at brands like Tory Burch or Celine which opened a store in 2010.

There are also several malls that offer both high end and low end clothing shops within them so visitors can mix and match the best of both worlds.


Tokyo has been an important site for luxury goods ever since back when Japan was producing textiles and has now grown into one of Asia’s most important design and production centers. Here you’ll find everything from Chanel to Louis Vuitton as well as the world’s largest flagship store for Uniqlo à la Harajuku, which is known for its vibrant streetwear culture.


This fashion powerhouse is known for its luxury shopping and designer labels like Gucci, who opened their flagship store here in 1923. It doesn’t stop there however- Milan also offers a more affordable side with the Brera Market which sells everything from clothes to food à la pastries!


One thing that Prague has a lot of is history, but don’t worry because there’s also an abundance of shopping opportunities. The best part about it? It’s a mix of both affordable and luxurious shops so you can balance out your trip by doing some sightseeing as well as some window shopping!


Vienna has been home to luxury fashion for centuries, but now the country is also one of Europe’s most important centers for design with names like Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren having opened flagship stores here. With plenty of options from high end brands to more affordable choices à la H&M who opened their first Austrian store in 2017, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city.

Manila, Philippines

Manila has a few upscale malls that offer luxurious brands as well as plenty of streetwear shops on and around the famous Supermalls. Not to mention all those designer shoe stores. 3 of the five biggest malls in the world is in the country, so there’s no shortage of shopping options.


If you’re looking for a great place to shop, these 13 countries are the perfect places in which to do it. If not all of them then at least one or two! The best part? You don’t have to travel too far as many of these countries are in Europe or Asia.


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