Top Golf Vacation Locations for All Golf Enthusiasts

Probably one of the strongest selling points of golf as a form of sports is the fact that it gives players the chance to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing vacation while playing. If you are a golf fan yourself, you will know that there are four major categories of golf courses, namely public, semi-private, resort, and private. For those who want to indulge in a good golf game, and pamper themselves at the same time, here are the top golf vacation locations you might want to check out:

NSW Golf Courses

A perfect location to play golf with your buddies can be found on the western side of Sydney. Windsor Golf Club in NSW is of the best and most historic golf courses in Australia. The golf club was inaugurated on 1963 and until now, it is one of the most visited golf club in Windsor.

Myrtle Beach

Dubbed as the world’s Miniature Golf Course Capital, Myrtle Beach has about 85 golf courses, 60 accommodations, and 4 golf schools. It is one ideal location for a one of a kind golf vacation for every hardcore golf lover. While here, you can choose to check in a hotel, or rent a condo. Holiday Inn is among the recommended hotels, thanks to its stunning beachfront view. It has 5 pools, and you can also enjoy a continental breakfast for free. Most of the locals visit here to play golf and relax. (more…)

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