7 Reasons Why Buying a Dash Cam is a Must 

7 Reasons Why Buying a Dash Cam is a Must 

Centuries have passed since cars were invented and with the huge help of technology, different car features have appeared. Some serve as mere accessories while most are made to make driving easier and navigating safer.

One technology that has made a big difference in terms of safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians altogether is the dash cam. Cameras are ubiquitous nowadays. Streets and establishments, even our houses are all under surveillance of CCTVs. With this simple fact, there is no doubt that a simple camera installed to the dashboards of our cars can save us tons of trouble on the road.

Record of accident

For the most obvious reason, many car owners are investing in a dash cam for the convenience it provides in terms of recording unwanted accidents. As stated above, most of the car accessories that have come to light serves to make driving a lot safer. A video recording of an accident will clear any question of who is at fault and will set the story straight with sufficient evidence.

Avoid fraud

This can be related to the first one since this also concerns settlement issues. Unfortunately, there are people who intentionally take advantage of others so it’s best to take precautions to avoid insurance fraud. The most typical kind of insurance fraud involves a pedestrian faking an ‘accident’, jumping out in front of the vehicle and insinuating that the driver is at fault. With a dash cam, you have a tool to avert anyone who plans to take advantage.

Avoid parking accidents

A dash cam is incredibly useful for beginners, especially those who have a hard time perfecting the skills to park. It’s almost like having an extra set of eyes to help you navigate through and avoid accidents, however slight they may be.

Vehicle surveillance

Imagine how much anxiety will wear off from you knowing that you can keep an eye on your car even when you’re not in it. A lot of cars are getting broken into and it’s a great convenience when you have a video and audio evidence to report with, in the unlucky chance that it happens to you.

Ease worried parents

Installing a dash cam in your kids’ car will help you worry less whenever they wander off unattended. Beginners and reckless drivers alike can be monitored with this simple addition to your car.

Record roadtrips

We all take pleasure in the existence of various kinds of cameras. Having one in your car can provide you a record of all the memories made while embarking on a journey with the people you love.

Driving instructors

Learning how to drive will become a somehow lighter task with a dash cam attached to your cam. Driving instructors will also get an advantage out of this small piece of technology since instructing a student will be easier in terms of demonstrating different view angles from the driver’s seat.


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