Healthiest Cities to Live in 2021

Healthiest Cities to Live in 2021

A recent study has exclaimed that to determine the healthiest cities in the world, and they have to analyze some fundamental factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle- this includes life expectancy, cost to be healthy, obesity levels, safely score, pollution levels and sunlight hours. As the saying goes, “it is the cultural differences that highly determine whether a country leads a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle”.

But did it ever cross your mind what are the healthiest cities in the world today? Keep scrolling and see by yourself.

Valencia– According to the new study, it is the healthiest city on Earth. Known as a city of art and science, this city has an idyllic climate and an easygoing lifestyle. Its iconic paella dish shines as one of their secret to good health- representing a bulk of the nutritional mix of their fresh produce.

Madrid- The Spanish capital marks its way as the second healthiest city on Earth. Madrid has a high—standard of living and is considered a significant financial hub for the nation

Vienna- Vienna not only allows you to soak up culture from music, architecture and artwork, this city also offers the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. They ranked as the fifth-lowest levels of obesity in Europe and are the perfect destination for a healthier life.

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Lisbon- As Portugal’ ‘s capital, Lisbon became the third healthiest city to live by in 2021. Being famed for the old city’s hilly and buildings and coastal sceneries, Lisbon is fared dramatically compared to other destinations.

Tokyo- With its lowest rate of obesity globally and with the highest life’s expectancy, Tokyo made it to the top 10 of the world’s healthiest cities to be staying in.

Zurich-  Zurich is the only Swiss city to make the top 10. As one of the safest places globally, they have proven it because of the low criminality rate in global terms. They maintain good standing when it comes to morality and human responsibility.

Ljubljana- This city is the capital of Slovenia and also its largest city. You’ll love this place because it ranks as the cheapest place to buy even just a kilogram of apple. It’s a place with a low cost of living.

The Hague- Being the third-largest city in the Netherlands, this place was ranked as the eighth healthiest place on Earth. Famed with multiple travel destinations, they maintain living a simple and everyday life- leading to minor criminality and iniquities between people.

Tel Aviv- Yafo –  Tel Aviv is depicted as a vibrant, modern and multicultural city; Over the years, they have developed an excellent standing for spirituality and good morals. This made way for them to become one of the healthiest city to live by. Plus, you can access a different culture that manifests holiness and peace.

Canberra- Australia’s capital once again makes it on the list. With its lowest pollution level and sustainable lifestyle, you” enjoy your stay here and standing secured in between uncertainties.

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