The History of White House Curtains

The History of White House Curtains

Out of all rooms in this world, the White House Oval Office is that one room you can recognize right away. This is an iconic room for Americans as this has served as the workplace of the 18 presidents that ruled the country. The Oval Office has witnessed the making of crucial decisions that changed history. You can pretty much say that it is a silent onlooker, playing a role as important as that of the presidents themselves.

But, just like any other kind of room, the Oval Office also has its own signature when it comes to its décor. The curtains, in particular, have seen a lot of changes to keep up with the shift of power from one president to another. If in any case, your more of a Roman Blinds modern design then just appreciate the designs.

Let us travel down memory lane and take a quick look at the history of White House curtains:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

During Roosevelt’s, curtains used looked ornate and majestic. Three lambrequins with heavy embroidery and trim of 3 inches were sewn below. Minimal pleated draperies that come in three pairs were mounted inside. Every window had its own roller shade and rope tassel tiebacks held back the drapery.

Harry Truman

The treatments used for the curtains were similar to those during Roosevelt’s time aside from the single staid roller that was mounted at the back of the drapery.

Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower aimed for casual look for the curtains. Mounted low was three regal valances with 3-inch trim inset on bottom edges. Inside every valance is a single pair of drapery tied back using tie bands made from fabric of matching shape. The trim of the drapes was directly sewn to lead edges.

John Kennedy

This look is utilitarian. There are 3 pairs of drapery without sheer drapery and replaced by 3 inside the mounted roller shades.

Lyndon Johnson

It is subdued and minimal. It has 3 pair of pleated drapery that is lined lightly with contrasting trim on the bottom edges and lead. Drapery can be installed on 2” black wood rods that have brackets, rings, and gold finials. Inside, there are 3 sheer drapery pairs mounted.

Richard Nixon

This style is imperial. There are four stationary drapery panels with fabric 2” above the floor.

Gerald Ford

This look is imperial that has valance shaped bottom curved. Like Richard Nixon, it has four stationary drapery panels fall 2” above the floor.

Jimmy Carter

The look is restrained. The top treatment of the curtains has tape trim in an inch on bottom edges.

Ronald Reagan

The style has restrained look. The curtains have minimal length as well as fullness empire valance with short cascades and jabots.

George H.W. Bush

The look of the curtains is unconventional. For inside drapery panels, there’s a wide tape trim sewn to the top treatment’s bottom edge and outside the drapery panels that pool 2” to 3” on the floor.

Bill Clinton

This look is cheerful. Its contrasting blue banding comes with bottom edges and 2 drapery pairs have lead edge binding and 3” inset bottom binding.

George W. Bush

The look has sophisticated style. It has curved shaped bottom valance that has inverted pleat returns. There’s intricate complementary trim that is applied to the valance’s bottom edge. 2 drapery pairs with same applied trim to lead edges an inch above the floor.

Barack Obama

It is a tailored style. It comes with curved box pleated valances that have tapered, stepped returns as well as sewn on the bottom edges.

Donald Trump

This style is opulent. It’s a curved empire valance that has cascades and jabots. There are 2 pleated drapery pairs mounted in the valance. Its top treatment comes with an inch of tape trim inset and its drapery lead edges have same detailing for tape trim.

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